Hello 2015

I started 2015 on a good footing: with a glass of water, a sun salutation to loosen up the hamstrings and wake up my back, followed by a good cup of strong Rwandan coffee. There’s something about January 1st that imbues me with positivity. It’s a nifty psychological trick, I’m sure it’s only a self-propelled mind game. Regardless, I think it’s harmless, in fact, pretty great. I’m super excited about 2015. There are some game-changing events on the horizon, and a positive attitude will help me make the most of them! So, here’s my (long?) list of New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps it’s ambitious, but I might as well shoot high.

  • Personal growth:
    • smile more, and laugh more;
    • be more patient;
    • schedule my productive time;
    • improve my morning habit: make the bed, drink a glass of water, do a sun salutation, then have my coffee;
    • wean myself off sugar in coffee (I’m on a half-teaspoon now…);
    • do more for animals;
    • support the Big Issue more regularly;
    • write daily, even just a little, and blog regularly;
    • get back into the habit of reading a novel at bedtime and on weekends.
  • Family:
    • have more coffee/movie/dinner/hiking dates with my family
  • Friends:
    • stay in touch (or get back in touch) with the special people in my life that I don’t see enough (you know who you are, please hold me to this!)
  • Home:
    • keep the floor a no-clothes zone;
    • make dish-washing an obsessive habit;
    • do a monthly clean-out;
    • track my finances more diligently.
  • Lindy:
    • bounce more;
    • style more;
    • work on my responsiveness as a follow;
    • start learning to lead.
  •  Ballet:
    • work on my posture;
    • work on my feet for a better arch;
    • strengthen my core for better stability;
    • work on my feet and legs for better jumps;
    • work on my back and hamstrings for a higher and stronger arabesque;
    • do a bit of cross training.

The key to achieving these goals will be to keep them realistic and achievable, and measurable where possible, with regular check-ins. On the first of every month, I’ll refer back to this post to see where I’m at, and whether I need to re-evaluate anything.

Oh and one final resolution: I want to be more conscious about how I influence others. I want to make a positive impact on the world, and I think that’s best achieved with a positive attitude. My veganism has taken me through periods of frustration, despair and sadness, but it has also given me reason to hope for a better world, thanks to all the wonderful vegans I’ve met in the last few years. Here’s to a 2015 full of inspiration for others to join the path of compassion and justice for animals.



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