Alright, flights are booked and I think it’s time to share the news properly:


Yeah… What is that, you say? Well, it’s only the biggest and longest-running lindy hop camp in the world. Take this in: 5 weeks of (pretty much) 24/7 dancing, with thousands of other dancers of all levels from around the world, with amazing, world-class instructors, huge parties with live bands and DJs, crazy themed dress-ups… Watch the intro vid for the 2015 event here: 

There’s no way we could have afforded to go on this camp. We have been super fortunate to have been awarded an ambassador scholarship by the Frankie Manning Foundation. Frankie was one of the dancers from the original swing era (1930s) and was considered by many to be the father of lindy hop.

The mission of the Frankie Manning Foundation is to carry on the work and the spirit of Frankie Manning in spreading the joy of Lindy Hop, danced to big band swing music, throughout the world.

With the help of generous donors, the foundation works to help dancers from remote, fledgling scenes get to the big dance camps – thereby spreading the lindy hop far and wide. Luckily we ticked some of the right boxes, being lindy-obssessed and in an up-and-coming scene far from the rest of the swing world. The scholarship covers two weeks of classes plus one week’s party pass, and we’ll be volunteering for one week, in exchange for another week of classes.

We can’t wait to go, and also to come back and share what we learnt with our lindy buddies here. We leave Cape Town on the 24th of June, and we’ll spend an extra couple of weeks visiting friends and family in Europe. We’ll be posting updates in case you want to follow them!