Two years

Today marks two years since I married this guy (and eight years and a day since we started dating). I can hardly believe how lucky we are to have found each other. Of course he’s my best friend – but he’s also the most wonderfully loving, kind, fun, supportive, generous, adventurous, thoughtful, inspiring human being. The most amazing thing about being with someone for so long and living and working so closely is noticing how you grow together and shape each other in a way that would have been inconceivable if you hadn’t met.

Our wedding is testament to how wonderful life is with you, B: watching this video, I have such happy memories of that weekend with our family and so many of our friends – the ceremony that we personalised to suit our beliefs and preferences, the emotional high (I’ve never seen you cry that much, haha), the incredible food and the weeks of work with friends and family and Laetitia that went into preparing it (such a pity the video doesn’t do it any justice), the noob first dance, Max!, the most incredible gift of song from Caitlin, Phil, Matt, Mark (I’m so so happy it’s captured on video – I get so emotional whenever I watch it), the wild party that ensued with Manouche, the wonderful, joyful celebration with so many people… Ah the memories!

B, I love how you’ve influenced me and I friggin love everything you are and everything you’ve become. Here’s to many many more years of loving you and loving life – dancing, cooking, eating, talking, sharing and who knows what else! ❤